Our New Church


Building Church Together

Dear Parishioners,

We have been making progress in our campaign to raise funds to unify our campus.  Approximately 500 families have made a gift, and we are at more than $4.1 million pledged toward our $5 million goal.  A heartfelt and humble “thank you” to all our donors. 

We still need more to reach the milestone of $5 million, the earliest point which will enable us to begin construction (in approximately three years). 
If your household is able to make a gift and has not done so yet, we welcome your investment in this leap forward for our parish. 

If I can assist with any questions or concerns, please contact me at amcdonald@sjnchurch.com or 788-0811.  Together, we can and will reach our dream of a new church and hall at our school campus. 

In Christ,
Fr. Sandy McDonald

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        What's New?

    • Question #1: Are we still committed to building a new church and hall as we relocate to the school campus?
    • Question #2: What is the status of the money we have donated for the new church, and how is it being held? 
    • Question #3: Why is the process  of moving the church and hall taking so long?
      • One word summarizes most of the reason: Inflation!  Continued...