Youth Ministry


St John Neumann Youth Ministry


“Lord, it is good that we are here!” Matthew 17:4

The SJN Mission is to:

BEFRIEND Jesus Christ!

To be EMPOWERED by the Holy Spirit to challenge our world today.

To REVEAL the beauty of full participation in the liturgy and Catholic faith.   

To MINISTER to the vulnerable that we have influence over.   

Values and guiding principles to meet this mission are:

  1. attempt each day a conversion to God and His plan for our day/life
  2. find out what excites our spirit to be activist of the Catholic faith
  3. study Catholic doctrine, Scripture, moral teaching, prayers, and history
  4. captivate the beauty of caring for the marginalized as if we are serving Jesus himself
  5. invest in our own vocation to fulfill God's will for our purpose in each one of our lives
  6. invite other youth to follow Jesus' explicit mission to be followers
  7. collaborate with the SJN parish and laity to empower each youth to accomplish above values 1-6.  


For general questions about youth ministry, contact Alex Martell at [email protected] or 803.788.3252, ext. 353.

Our Youth Ministry exists to reach teenagers and gather them into a Catholic community that shows them the love of God, helps them develop a deep personal and spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ, and equips them to go forth and share the Word with others.


If you would like to register for Youth Ministry at St John Neumann please click here

Our Confirmation program information can be found on the Confirmation page of this website.

We rely on adult volunteers to serve and lead our teens closer to Christ. Please pray for us and consider if God is calling you to our ministry! 

 You may find the Youth Ministry days for December in our Youth Ministry Calendar.