Health Cabinet

The Health Cabinet plans and implements initiatives that promote health in the parish and beyond.  


          Virtual Walk to Bethlehem                                                         

We are planning our next virtual walk to Bethlehem, this fall, and we will go through - Africa to get there!  Sounds exciting!

For this trip: We will be landing in Kenya, from there we will be "seeing" Lake Victoria, the Nile River through Uganda, South Sudan, Egypt, Jordan, and into Israel.

Have you visited any of these countries?  Have stories, know things?  If you are interested in sharing, and don't mind if it is posted here, we would love people to share about their travels/stories from those areas.                                                            


Participating in the walk virtually:

A miles equals 20 minutes of moderate activity, including walking, swimming, housework, or even mowing the lawn.  Record your mileage each week and report it to the tour director at [email protected], or call and leave a message with Wendy with your name and miles walked that week at 803-788-3252 ext 327.

 Children and Youth can participate, so all of our children can contribute miles from sports, or even fast moving playing.  We encourage you to check the website to see our progress.












Health Cabinet Meeting Dates for 2020:

2020:  July 10th   August 14th    September 11   October 9th   November 13th   

Contact: Wendy Bobadilla (Parish Nurse), 803-788-3252,  ext. 327 or 803-413-4797, or email at [email protected]