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  Join our Virtual Walk to Jerusalem - 

We Started: Monday, February 1, 2021


     We are once again doing a virtual walk to Jerusalem this spring.  We will start the walk on Monday, 2/1/2021 and we encourage everyone to turn in their miles on Sunday, 2/7.  Please report your miles for each week no later than Monday evening.  We will continue walking each week through 3/28 and your final report of your miles will be due no later than 3/30.  We will be taking a different rout than previous years beginning by walking to Charlotte and flying into Bangkok, Thailand.  We will explore the city and learn about the Thai culture and perhaps see an elephant.  We will proceed to walk through north-western Thailand, Myanmar, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and into Isreal.


     I know some of you have ancestors from these countries, may have immigrated from one of these countries or have bisisted there at sometimes.  Your pictures of Catholic sites from these countries will be welcomed as early as possible so they can be included as appropriate. 


     Any one of any age can participate; participating and following hte weekly online of our adventures may help you feel less bored during this pandemic.  The walk is virtual because the person or family completes the activity individually and the miles are totaled each week from all participants.  A miles equals 20 minutes of moderate activity including walking , swimmin or even mowing the lawn.  Participants record their mileage for each week and report it to the Tour Director's email ([email protected]).  If you don't have email, you may call in you results to Wendy Bobadill, the parish nurse (803-788-3252, ext 327).

     Children and youth may participate, so your children can contribute miles from many sports they play.  We encourage you to check the website for further information about the program and reports on our progress.  Weekly reports will be uploaded under the Health Cabinet  of the parish website.  Because of the pandemic we will have a drop box in the vestibule.  If you would like a weekly reminder to report your miles, I will be glad to do that via email.  Please note that reminders are not meant to make you feel guilty if you don't have any miles in a given week.  Even your tour director has times when getting miles in is difficulty. 



Walk to Jerusalem Booklet 2021

Walk to Jerusalem Mileage Slips 2021       

Walk to Jerusalem 2021 Week 1        

Walk to Jerusalem 2021 Week 2     

Walk to Jerusalem 2021 Week 3

Walk to Jerusalem 2021 Week 4

Walk to Jerusalem 2021 Week 5

Walk to Jerusalem 2021 Week 6

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