Health Cabinet

The Health Cabinet plans and implements initiatives that promote health in the parish and beyond.  



Under Construction: Visit back soon to join our Lenten Pilgrimage that starts February 6, 2023.




To participate:   Every 20 minutes of moderate physical activity equals 1 mile.  Keep track of your miles all week,

then turn them in to our tour director, Kathy at [email protected], or you can turn in a paper form in Gillin Hall.

Kathy will take all the "miles" that we turn in every week, count them up, and use them to see how far we walk, and where we visit on our way to Rome.  We will be visiting 


Everyone can participate in our pilgrimage, kids, adults, everyone.  We encourage families to participate, youth can use sports and playtime, so can adults!  Families from around the world are invited to join in, its a fun way to encourage each other to be physically active, even if you don't live nearby.


See the attachments below - the booklet has bible verses and nutrition/health information for you to use on your pilgrimage. 

If you want to turn in a paper miles slip, that is also there, drop it in Gillin Hall.

Once miles get turned in, every week we will be visiting/seeing different thing, virtually - we will be posting each week's journey here.  So stop by each week and see the places we have visited!






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 Health Cabinet Meeting Dates for 2023:

2023:  Jan 15th  Feb 12th  March 12th   Apr 16th   May 21th   Jun 11th   Aug 13th    Sept 10th   Oct 8th   Nov 19th 

Contact: Wendy Bobadilla (Parish Nurse), 803-788-3252, ext 327 or email at [email protected]