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Coptic Monastery

Coptic Monastery in Wadi El-Natron, Egypt.

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Join us for an exciting 8-week Virtual Pilgrimage from Nairobi, Kenya to Jerusalem

Once again, we will be doing a virtual walk this spring/Lent.  We will start the walk on Monday, January 29th and we will end on March 24th. You will report your miles on the Sunday that ends each week or Monday at the lastest, preferably by email, but there will be a box in Gillin Hall were you can leave a paper report of your weekly "miles".  If you miss a week, just include those miles in your next report. Your final report of your miles will be due no later than March 25th.  We will only count miles during the 8 weeks, but the first report will be delayed a week so when you turn in your miles you will have to wait 2 weeks for the first report.  This will allow us to finish collecting miles by Palm Sunday.  We want to visit Jerusalem during Holy Week, and saving a week of miles will allow us to do that. On previous trips we have always left on Palm Sunday and have not experienced Holy Week. Of course, since our pilgrimage is virtual, we will be safe and not at risk of harm if the war between Israel and Gaza is still ongoing. A significant part of this journey will replicate the route, in reverse, that Joseph, Mary and Jesus took when they were forced to flee Israel and went into exile in Egypt. Maps will be included inthe weekly reports so you can follow our progress! 


Anyone of any age can participate; and/or just enjoy reading about the virtual trip. This is a virtual walk - for individuals, groups, families  allow us to come together (maybe enjoy some friendly competition) and be active.

Examples of activities that count on the virtual walk are walking, riding a bike, swimming, dancing, Exercise Class, Tai Chi Class, yoga, martial arts, golf, housework, gardening, sports, recess, P.E., and many more.

Every 20 minutes of moderate or greater activity = 1mile.

Report your "miles" to Kathy our tour director every Sunday (Monday at the latest) via email at kscharer@bellsouth.net, or there will be a box in Gillin Hall to report your "Miles" on paper.

Please stop back by the Health Cabinet web page every week to see the progress we have made and the wonderful places we "visit."

If you would like a weekly reminder about turning in your miles, Kathy, the tour director will be glad to send one to you.  Please know, this is not to make you feel guilty, its just a gentle reminder for your busy schedule.


Week 8 Walk to Jerusalem


Walk to Jerusalem English Booklet 2024

Walk to Jerusalem Reporting Form 2024

Walk to Jerusalem Week 1 English

Walk to Jerusalem Week 2 English 2024

Walk to Jerusalem Week 3 English

Walk to Jerusalem Week 4 English 2024

Walk to Jerusalem Week 5 English 2024

Walk to Jerusalem Week 6 English 2024

Walk to Jerusalem Week 7 English 2024

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