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A Letter from Fr. Sandy

Dear Parishioners,

July has begun, and we strive to live with patience in the new reality of world-wide pandemic.  Among the parish staff, we are discussing a return of services to the church by August.  Much of what we have implemented in the gym for liturgies will be transferred from 721 to 100 Polo Road.  The space will be different, but the procedures very similar.  I cannot express my gratitude adequately to the parish staff for their positive and dedicated work to ensure we are as safe as possible when celebrating the Mass. 

This summer will also bring some staff transitions.  After three years as our Youth Director, Johnny Sanchez will be leaving his position at the end of July.  Johnny’s enthusiasm for the Gospel and his commitment to young people were gifts he brought to all the youth with whom he worked.  Please join me in expressing to Johnny every best wish as he departs.

We will also say “farewell” to Father Bob Higgins.  Father Bob will become Pastor of St. Mary of the Angels Parish in Anderson on July 15.  Father has a gift for breathing life into the symbols and words of our faith with his enthusiasm and grand gestures.  May his new parish be blessed as we have been by his ministry.  Please also join me in expressing congratulations to him for his new pastorate.

It is another unfortunate aspect of COVID and social distancing that it will not be possible to have gatherings to express our appreciation for Johnny and Father Bob.  We’ll be sure to have both of them do a farewell communication to the parish.  Meantime, you might want to drop them a line:

Johnny Sanchez                [email protected]

Father Bob Higgins           [email protected]

St. Mary of the Angels Parish
1821 White Street
Anderson SC 29624                         

The parish office can also forward any correspondence:

St. John Neumann Parish
721 Polo Road
Columbia, SC  29223

Let us keep the many who are unemployed in our prayers.  It is a time of great change, and for all who are experiencing change in where they work or minister, may their new ventures be met with every success and blessing.


Fr. Sandy McDonald

Livestream Masses

Livestream Sunday Mass at St. John Neumann:

Watch Livestream Sunday Mass at 10 AM in English and 2 PM in Spanish.


  • From the safety of your home
  • In your car in the school carpool line, where Holy Communion will be distributed
  • Follow Sunday (and daily) readings and prayers: https://wau.org/meditations/ 

You may also watch the recorded Mass later in the day on our YouTube channel or we will send it to you in our Sunday afternoon email.


For Instructions to Virtually Participate in Sunday Mass With Communion Click Here 

For Information About the Resumption of Confessions Click Here

Helping the Needy

This July we are unable to hold “Bagging for the Needy” so the Crisis/Outreach Ministry is asking for monetary donations for the agencies in need. Please check below for details.  

More information here!


COVID-19 Information

If you have questions about COVID-19, you can call SCDHEC at 803-855-472-3432 between 8 am and 6 pm.

You can also schedule a telehealth visit at prismahealth.org for COVID-19 help.

Emergency Resources


  • Mon, Jul 6th

  • Sun, Jun 28th

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Prayer and Liturgical Resources

NEW Parish App

We are working to improve communications at St. John Neumann. Please take a moment to delete the old parish app and install the new app. Once you’ve installed the new app, please subscribe to receive push notifications. The instructions are below. All parishioners are subscribed to General notifications. Other notifications (i.e., Funeral, Daily Mass Attenders, Exercise Class…are also available.)

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Parish Office Hours

Parish office hours are 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM,
Monday - Thursday.

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Child and Youth Protection

Dear Brothers in Christ,

The one-year anniversary of the Apostolic Letter Vos estis lux mundi, issued motu proprio by our Holy Father Pope Francis, will be on June 1. To embrace the spirit of the Apostolic Letter, we have created an insert that you may include in your bulletins and share this content on your social media platforms.

This important information will explain the systems we have in place to report abuse. It will also let the general public know that we will listen when they talk, and we will act accordingly. All dioceses must create "public, stable and easily accessible systems" to encourage those wounded by Catholic Church personnel, including bishops, to report the abuse. Your assistance in sharing this information is greatly appreciated.

For more information, please visit our Office of Child and Youth Protection website at charlestondiocese.org/child-and-youth-protection.

Mass Times

For inquiries about Mass attendance in the school gym, callers must call the parish office during office hours (9 AM - 12:30 PM, Monday - Thursday) directly to make a reservation. No reservations will be made thru the answering service.

Hispanic Community Needs

The Hispanic Community is in need of  window air conditioners, bed linens for a queen, full and two single beds, pillows, and men’s shoes, sizes 7, 7 1/2 and 8 1/2.  If you have a donation, please call Hector Morales at (803) 787-3010 and leave your number.  Thank you!

Catholics Sing!


KIDS and ADULTS from ages 6–106 are invited to join ONE of my new ON LINE choirs. It’s easy as I. 2. 3. And it’s FREE! It’s my understanding that this 1.2.3. method has never been offered before. Read on and you’ll see why.   

Here’s what happens IN MY 1. 2. 3. SINGING METHOD when you sign up:

Info Here

Contact me:  Paula Mowbray, Director of Music,
St. John Neuman Catholic Church, Columbia, SC
Email [email protected]

Mass Intentions

All Mass intentions for cancelled Masses were and will be honored as requested at private Masses celebrated by our priests.

New Members

If you are joining St. John Neumann, or thinking about joining, consider investing some of your time in one or more of the ministries we offer. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parishioners, to learn more about our community, and to enjoy the rewards gained from sharing your gifts and talents. We are looking forward to seeing you at Mass and getting to know you better. 

New Member Registration Form
Registro de Nuevo Miembro


Office/Mailing:  721 Polo Rd.

Church:  100 Polo Rd.

Columbia, SC 29223


Phone: (803) 788-0811

Fax: (803) 788-1501

Welcome Returning Catholics

First, we welcome you. We recognize you are considering a significant step on your spiritual journey. Some see this as a journey back to their spiritual home; others are looking for reconciliation with God and the Church. Whatever your reason for being away, we have missed you and celebrate your desire to take another look. See more information for returning Catholics.

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