Catechists and Formation Teams

St. John Neumann offers Christian formation for all ages. Teachers, facilitators and assistants are needed at every level. In many cases, catechists work as a team. The parish and the diocese assist with training of catechists.

Director of Christian Formation: Catherine Combier-Donovan,  (803) 788-3252, ext. 326

Elementary Christian Formation - Catechists

For each class in each grade, from four-year-old preschool through 6th grade, a minimum of two catechists are needed: a lead teacher and an assistant.

Contact: Veronica Carneiro, (803) 788-3252, ext. 320

Junior High Christian Formation - Catechists

The Junior High formation program is called EDGE. Seventh and eighth graders gather every Wednesday during the school year from 6:30-7:45 p.m. for community-building and to come to know God and take ownership of their faith. Once a month, sixth graders are invited to join in. EGDE is led by the Youth Ministry Director and a team of adults and high school teens from the parish. They work together to welcome, support, challenge, and inspire the youth.

Contact: Abi Purvis, (803) 788-3252, ext. 328

High School Christian Formation - Catechists

High School formation is made up of many different parts aimed at bringing teens closer to Christ. Youth Group is on Sundays, from 6:15 PM to 9:00 PM. The Youth Ministry is comprised of the Youth Ministry Director and a team of adults who welcome, support, challenge, and inspire the teens of the parish.

Contact:  Abi Purvis, (803) 788-3252, ext. 328