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The Diocese of Charleston is very pro-active in its attempt to keep everyone that is involved in parish life safe. It is mandatory, according to diocesan guidelines, that any adult – employee or volunteer - who has access to minor children or vulnerable adults must submit to a background screening, sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct and complete an Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Diocesan Policy.  In addition, they must attend a 3 hour VIRTUS class on child sexual abuse awareness.

Protecting God's Children® for Adults is training conducted by VIRTUS® certified facilitators on the prevention of child sexual abuse. The training makes participants aware of the signs of child sexual abuse, the methods and means by which offenders commit abuse, and five easy steps one can use to prevent child sexual abuse. Two videos are the centerpiece of the training: A Time to Protect God's Children™ and A Plan to Protect God's Children™. The facilitators incorporate policies and procedures into the training defining child sexual abuse, addressing the reporting of child sexual abuse, the screening and selection of employees and volunteers, and victim advocacy.

Registration for a VIRTUS class is done online by going to their website:  

Protecting God’s Children®  

Overview of the Touching Safety Program®

The job of ensuring children’s safety is a challenging undertaking. The prevention of child sexual abuse requires more than adult awareness, education, and training about the nature and scope of the problem. We must also give our children the tools they need to overcome the advances of someone who intends to do them harm. 

The Teaching Touching Safety program guide (Teaching Touching Safety Guide) is a tool designed to assist parents and teachers in this important task.  The Touching Safety program is a vehicle through which parents, teachers, catechists, and youth ministers give children and young people the tools they need to protect themselves from those who might harm them. 

The Touching Safety Program lessons were created for four specific age groups:

Grades K through 2
Grades 3 through 5
Grades 6 through 8
Grades 9 through 12 

Each year, the program provides a theme that introduces and builds on the basic concepts of the Teaching Touching Safety Guide. The material is developmentally appropriate for each age group and includes content and activities that reinforce the message. 

Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to make St. John Neumann a place where everyone is welcome to join us in faith, hope, charity and safety. 

Pax Christi,
Cherie Smith
Director of Religious Education


Overview of Touching Safety Program for Diocese of Charleston
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