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 Walking to Jerusalem

 Join us as we Walk to Jerusalem!



Thank you everyone who participated in our Walk to Jerusalem!  We made it!  Please see below all the places we virtually visited in the last 8 weeks.

We are doing our annual Walk to Jerusalem again this year, and are starting our pilgrimage on Monday February 13th and continuing until Sunday, April 9th.  For the next 8 weeks we will be virtually walking to Jerusalem.  This year our route will be taking us from Columbia, SC to the Charlotte Douglass Airport, where we will then fly to Rome.  After visiting the Vatican and seeing the important sites in Rome we will head north, going through Florence, to Venice, and then traveling along the Dalmatian Coast to a corner of Turkey where it meets Syria and then into Lebanon and into Israel.  We will be visiting sites and making side trips in the countries we visit.  Everyone is invited to participate - joining us every week, or only one.  Every participant mile on our pilgrimage gets us closer to Jerusalem.

Twenty minutes of aerobic activity, including moderate walking, equal one mile on the pilgrimage.  Participants record their mileage for each week and report it to the Tour Director's email ( or drop a report in the box that will be located in Gillin Hall.  Children and youth can participate, so all of our children can contribute miles from the many sports we play.  We encourage you to check the church website for further information about the program and reports on our progress.  Also we will be showing our progress on a cork map in Gillin Hall.


Walk to Jerusalem Booklet 2017

Report Your Miles form

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 Contact: Wendy Bobadilla (Parish Nurse), 803-788-3252 ext 327 or 803-413-4797