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The Health Cabinet plans and implements initiatives that promote health in the parish and beyond.  


Southeast Missions Walk

Lent 2018

SE Missions Walk


Thank You for joining us in our walk of the Southeast Missions!  We had a wonderful time, and more than walked the miles we needed to walk through SC, GA, FL and back to SC.  We learned about many wonderful places and people.  I hope you too enjoyed our virtual walk, and hope that you let us know that you enjoyed.  If you missed any of our 8 week walk, or maybe just found out about it, please feel free to read through where we went and what we saw during our walk.      



     The Walk began on January 29th and we completed our 8 week walk on March 25th.  

    THANK YOU! To Kathy Scharer for being our WONDERFUL Tour Director!



Southeast Missions Walk - Adult Booklet

Tally Sheet for Your Miles

Report Your Miles Form

Goals/Thoughts/Prayers for Walk

 SE Missions Trail Week 1

SE Missions Trail Week 2

SE Missions Trail Week 3

 SE Missions Trail Week 4

SE Missions Trail Week 5

SE Missions Trail Week 6

SE Missions Trail Week 7

SE Missions Trail Week 8


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