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SW Europe Walk


SW Europe "Virtual" Walk

We will be starting our walk around SW Europe on February 18th, and our last day is April 14th.  Everyone is welcome to join us - there are No age limits.  You don't have to be a member of our parish - we encourage family members from all over the country world to join us as we virtually walk through SW Europe.  This program is a wonderful way to connect with family members who live close by or far away.


What you need to do to participate:  Exercise! Everything that requires you to do 20 minutes of moderate activity count - walking, swimming, bicycling, housework, garden work, sports (soccer, tennis, basketball, football, lacrosse, etc).  One activity that doesn't count is baseball.  You keep track of how long you exercise - for every 20 minutes of activity, it counts for 1 mile.  At the end of the week, you turn in your miles to the tour director, she adds everyone's miles together and that lets us know how many miles we walk and what we get to visit.


To add more interest to our journey, we encourage everyone to send stories and pictures of real visits to Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy.  We will try to incorporate them into our journey.


The purpose of this program is to increase everyone's health of body, mind, and spirit by increasing activity levels and incorporating prayer and reflection into your activities.

The US Surgeon General recommends that adults have moderately intense activity a minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity over a week.  Teens and children should get 60 minutes of moderate activity  every day.

Send your weekly miles, any pictures/stories you have of real visits to Kathy at  

(Upon request she will even send out weekly reminders to turn in your miles).

Please visit this page weekly, to be updated on how far we have "walked", and stories and pictures of places visited.  All information can also be found in paper form in Gillin Hall, along with a box to put miles in.

The "SW Europe Walk Adult Booklet" has reflections, meditation, prayers and mileage, to help you in your "walk".  Please click on the link.


SW Europe Walk Adult Booklet

 SW Europe Walk Week 1

SW Europe Walk Week 2

SW Europe Walk Week 3

SW Europe Walk Week 4

SW Europe Walk Week 5

SW Europe Walk Week 6

SW Europe Walk Week 7

SW Europe Walk Week 8








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