Safe Environment

Protecting God's Children

The Diocese of Charleston is very pro-active in its attempt to keep everyone that is involved in parish life safe. It is mandatory, according to diocesan guidelines, that any adult employee or volunteer - who has access to minor children or vulnerable adults must submit a background screening form, sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct and complete an Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Diocesan Policy.  In addition, they must take an online Sexual Abuse Awareness class: Safe Haven: It's Up To You

Registration and additional information for the Safe Haven class is done by clicking the link on the Safe Haven instruction flyer.    The Safe Haven: It's Up To You class takes approximately about 1.5 hours.  When completed, participants will take a brief test and print out a certificate.  A copy of the certificate must be given to the Safe Environment Coordinator along with the completed Background Screening Form, Volunteer Code of Conduct and Appendix B: Acknowledgement of Receipt of the Diocesan Policy.  These documents MUST be turned in BEFORE employees or volunteers begin.

For more information about Safe Environment policies, contact Cherie Smith, Safe Environment Coordinator, at 803-788-3252 x 321 or csmith@sjnchurch.com   


These are the forms and documents that pertain to volunteers and employees . 

Acknowledgement Form pdf_icon.png pdf_icon.png
Background Screening Forms pdf_icon.png pdf_icon.png
Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People pdf_icon.png pdf_icon.png
Childrens Program Annual Reporting Form pdf_icon.png  
Code of Conduct pdf_icon.png pdf_icon.png
How to Report Allegations of Sexual Abuse pdf_icon.png pdf_icon.png
Master List Format pdf_icon.png  
Opt-Out Template Letter pdf_icon.png pdf_icon.png
Policy Concerning Allegations of Sexual Misconduct pdf_icon.png pdf_icon.png
Sexual Misconduct or Abuse Report Form pdf_icon.png pdf_icon.png
Victim Assistance Coordinator brochure pdf_icon.png pdf_icon.png


Pax Christi,Thank you for supporting us in our efforts to make St. John Neumann a place where everyone is welcome to join us in faith, hope, charity and safety. 

Cherie Smith
Director of Religious Education