Parish Structure

Leadership for Parish Life

The primary initiative taking place in our parish is the adoption of a new structure for leadership. Under the supervision of the Pastoral Council, we have established six Commissions, each charged with planning and coordinating a specific area of parish life.

Membership in the Commissions includes one member of Pastoral Council and one member of the parish staff. They act, respectively, as a liaison to the Parish Council and the staff. Each Commission elects a chairperson and secretary.

Every Commission coordinates various ministries of the parish that fall under the purview of the area of parish life for which it is responsible.

Administration Commission

The Administration Commission coordinates and plans for certain aspects of parish financial and budget matters, stewardship of resources, church/parishioner communications, and upkeep of the physical facilities and properties of the parish.

Communications Committee
Comunicaciónes/Boletín en Español
Garden Club
Stewards of God’s Gifts Committee

Community Life Commission

The Community Life Commission coordinates various organizations which offer support or opportunities for socializing in the parish. Its purpose is to build a deeper sense of Christian community for all ages and interest groups in the parish. The scope of the Commission includes Hospitality and Welcoming, Parish Organizations and Clubs, non-formation Youth Activities, Community-building and Socializing Events. The Commission looks to build coordination and energy among the various organizations' within the parish so that initiatives which might be evangelizing, liturgical, fundraising, service-oriented, etc. are also events which build relationships and strengthen the sense of community within the parish.

German Club
Knights of Columbus
Welcoming Committee
Pastoral de Eventos Sociales
Receptions Committee
Comité de Recepciones

Outreach and Social Justice Commission

The Outreach and Social Justice Commission coordinates the ministries of pastoral care, social services, peace and justice, and evangelization. Its scope includes outreach to both the parish membership and the larger community, whether in the neighborhood or beyond.

Backpack Ministry
Comfort and Caring Ministry
Crisis Outreach Ministry
Ministerio de Caridad y Hospitalidad
Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations Committee
Friends of the Earth
Funeral Luncheon Committee
Health Cabinet
Respect Life Ministry
Sandwiches for the Homeless Ministry

Youth Christian Formation Commission

The Youth Christian Formation Commission coordinates spiritual growth in the parish for children. The Commission’s role is to foster cooperation, coordination and communication among all groups and individuals involved in the education/formation ministries of the parish. The Formation Commission coordinates the following committees and groups within the parish:

SJN School, Youth Ministry (High School and Middle School Programs) Elementary Religious Formation, and Youth Sacramental Preparation, as well as SJN Scouting Programs and SJN Sponsored Youth Sports Programs.

Basketball Programs for Youth
Boy Scouts of America
Girl Scouts of America
Catechists and Formation Teams
Elementary Christian Formation 
Junior High Christian Formation
High School Christian Formation
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults adapted for Children Team and Sponsors (RCIC-C)
Children’s Liturgy of the Word Team
Vacation Bible School Team
St. John Neumann School Volunteers

Adult Christian Formation Commission

The Adult Christian Formation Commission coordinates all levels of educational and formational opportunities for adults in the parish. The Commission’s role is to foster communication, cooperation and coordination among all individuals and groups involved in ministries concerned with developing informed disciples. The Commission coordinates the following committees and groups: Adult Formation Initiatives (Adult Bible Study, Men’s Group, etc.), Small Christian Communities, and the RCIA.

Adult Faith Formation Opportunities
Oportunidades de Formación de Fe para Adultos
“My Catholic Faith” Class
Baptism Preparation Team
Adult Bible Study
Estudios Bíbilcos
Programa de Neueva Evangelización
Small Christian Communities
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults Team and Sponsors (RCIA)
Young Adult Ministry

Prayer and Worship Commission

The Prayer and Worship Commission gives direction to the liturgical life of the parish and to the spiritual growth of all parishioners. It ensures opportunities for personal and communal prayer in addition to the celebration of Holy Eucharist. The Prayer and Worship Commission coordinates the following committees and groups: The Liturgy Coordinating Committee that plans the weekend Masses for the various seasons, all liturgical ministries, prayer services outside of Mass, spirituality and devotional groups, periodic retreats, and Parish Missions.

Altar Guild
Altar Servers
Art and Environment Committee
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
Los Ministros Extraordinarios de la Sagrada Comunión
Music Ministry
Devotional and Spirituality Organizations
Cenacle of Mary
Eucharistic Adoration
Adoracion al Santisimo
Legion of Mary
Men’s Group
Open Heart Prayer Group (Charismatic Renewal)
Santo Rosario
Virgen Peregrina de la Familia