Music Staff

Music Ministers

Terra Chadwick, Spanish Choir Lead

My joy of serving my parish, stems from the fine example my Mother presented. From an early age, remembering quietly sitting in church, while my Mother along with other ladies, cleaned the church. 

Originally from Panama City, Republic of Panama from an American father and Panamanian Mother, I started playing the piano at age 8.  This gift from God has been with me in all periods of my life.  I moved to Columbia, SC in 2004.  After searching with my heart, I felt more at home with the Hispanic Ministry then under Fr. Filemon.  Under his direction, we served in the choir; Secretary for Hispanic Parish Council; Eucharistic Minister, Eucharistic Ministry Lead, Christian Formation program Assistant to Catechist, then Catechist, then Director of our Hispanic Christian Formation. 

In Fall of 2009, under a bit of nudging from Robert Belen, then music lead for Hispanic Ministry, I started playing piano in choir. Joyfully serving the community through the Flor y Canto Music selection. I believe I finally have found the place that God wants me to serve.  I am now in my second year as Music Lead.  My goal is to allow the music to enrich lives through prayer and worship. Carefully selecting songs that provide ample opportunity for the parishioners to express themselves and join in the universal church.  Psalm 146:2 “Praise the Lord, my soul; I will praise the Lord, all my life. Sing praise to my God while I live”.

The Spanish Choir leads the sung prayer at the 2PM Spanish Liturgies on Sundays, Feast Days, and bilingual Liturgies. For more information please contact Terra.


Vince Pace, Noon Mass Ensemble 

Vince leads the Sung Prayer at the Noon Mass each Sunday.  For more information please contact Vince.