Administration Commission

The Administration Commission coordinates and plans for certain aspects of parish financial and budget matters, stewardship of resources, church and parishioner communications, and the upkeep of the physical facilities and properties of the parish.  The Commission coordinates the following committees and groups

This Committee assists the Director of Communications, helping to make parish communications more effective. Photographs, articles, school and parish news are welcome. 
Contact: Catherine Combier-Donovan, (803) 788-3252, ext. 326

Comunicaciones/Boletín en Español
Lider: Maria Correa, (803) 788-3252, ext. 322

The Finance Council serves to ensure financial transparency and good stewardship of resources for the parish. Members are appointment by the Pastor for three-year terms that may be renewed.

The areas of responsibility of the parish Finance Committee are: to develop the annual operating budget and to monitor it on a monthly basis; to oversee the investment of funds accumulated for capital needs; to approve all major expenditures of parish funds; and to advise the pastor on financial matters—all in accordance with the requirements of the Catholic Code of Canon Law and diocesan regulations. In addition, it develops and implements actions plans to provide resources for all parish projects, under pastoral guidance.

Contact: Bob Underwood, (803) 786-0840, or Genie O’Shesky, (803) 788-3252, ext. 326

Garden Club
The Garden Club assists in the beautification of the grounds around St. John Neumann Church. Members are assigned a small area to plant and maintain, either working in pairs or independently. There are two scheduled committee meetings, one in the fall and one in the spring. The group also meets for lunch several times a year. 

Contact: Ruth Yoch, (803) 788-1524

Stewardship Committee
Christian Stewardship is the spirituality of acknowledging God’s gifts to us, managing these gifts wisely, and directing a portion of these gifts to serving God’s kingdom. The Stewardship Committee serves to foster this spirituality and to invite all within the parish to “make a return to the Lord” from the gifts God has given us. Stewardship is more than what one gives to charity – it is a way of life. Anyone who embraces this spirituality will find it life-changing.

The purpose of this committee is to educate, communicate, and provide opportunities for the parish community to participate in stewardship. The committee emphasizes parishioners’ commitment of Time, Talent, and Treasure to the well-being of the parish, the people of God, and the common good. Parishioners are invited each year to commit themselves to particular times of prayer, to offer their talents and skills, and to begin the practice of tithing as an expression of Christian giving.

Contact: Tony Zammarrelli, (803) 466-3111 or Genie O’Shesky, (803) 788-3252, ext. 326