Church Design

The Church Building Steering and Church Design Committees met with our architects, The Boudreaux Group, to discuss the “program” for our campus master plan and new church. The program is a verbal portrait of what we want to include in the conceptual design of the new church and in a master plan for the entire campus. It requires us to be very specific in terms of the types of spaces we will need in new buildings. At this point, it is defined mainly as the types of spaces and square footage we desire for our church and auxiliary spaces in both the church and in future improvements to our buildings. The liturgical program developed through the meetings facilitated by our Liturgical Design Consultant, Ken Griesemer, is also factored into the architectural program. Once we have the verbal descriptions in a state of readiness, then the architects will go to work to determine how it will all work together. We are working hard to get it right because this is time when it is cheapest and easiest to make changes. It is important work, and I thank everyone who has contributed to the discussion thus far as well as all who serve on committees for this process. Things will be relatively quiet this summer as the architects do this preliminary work. We’ll keep you updated periodically. The next event at which everyone in the parish is invited to participate will take place this fall when the architects present an initial master plan for the entire campus and a conceptual drawing for the church. This will take place by mid-October.