Our New Church

How will we raise the funds for the new church?

Funds will come primarily from gifts and pledges from parishioners.  A secondary source will be the sale of the existing church at 100 Polo Road (marketing of the church will not begin until construction of the new church is underway).

Why do we need a company to help us fundraise?

To raise the funds, we need professional help and proven methods.  Three companies were interviewed in the summer of 2016.  Walsh and Associates has been selected to provide the counsel for the capital campaign.  The Campaign Steering Committee liked Walsh’s proven track record, methods for soliciting pledges, and strategies for engaging the entire parish (including youth) in the spirituality of stewardship.  If we were not to utilize a fundraising counsel, we would need to spend a considerable amount of money to hire additional staff to manage the campaign.  In the end, we would end up spending a similar amount of money and risk underperformance in results because of lack of experience.

How much will the fundraising company’s services cost the parish?

Walsh and Associates works on a fee for services schedule.  The basic professional fees for a feasibility study, lead gift phase, general gift phase, and reimbursable travel expenses come to $90,000.  In addition, secretarial support, special events, promotional materials, printing, postage, and other expenses will likely bring the total to approximately $138,000.  For a $5,000,000 campaign, this represents about three percent of the total raised.  This is in alignment with standard amounts fundraising firms charge for their services, and it has been both reviewed and approved by the Diocese.